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How To Fix The Latch On The Hoops and Huggies

hoops and huggies latch adjustment guide

When your huggie earrings or hoops start feeling a bit less snug and don't click into place as tightly as before, it's a sign that they need a little tune-up. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a simple guide on how to easily fix a loose closure on your hoop earrings and get them back in top shape!

The tension of the latch is actually controlled by the angle of the post.

If you notice that it's too loose, simply give the post a gentle upward pull to increase the latch tension. On the other hand, if the latch feels too tight, just apply a slight downward pressure on the post to ease up the tension.

It might take a few adjustments to find the perfect level of tightness that suits you best. Once the latch is in place correctly, you will hear a "click" sound and that's when you know it's good to put on. 

Piercing holes vary from person to person, regardless of whether they were done by a pro. Our earrings are crafted to provide a comfortable fit for everyone!